Textile Tuesday and Titanic!

By April 15, 2014 Lifestyle

Greetings from LA!

Its Spring Break in South Carolina, so I’m out here touring colleges and film schools with my seventeen year old son, Sam.  He has been interested in media and special effects since he was twelve.  He asked for a camera one Christmas and the rest was history.  He started shooting videos with his friend, Eric, then posting them on YouTube.

I knew we were in trouble when computer parts started showing up on our doorstep.  He had ordered them with money made from videos.  All I know is one time I had to go to the store and buy a turkey leg because it looked more like a human bone.  It was for an arm wrestling video in which the forearm broke off—-I guess that’s what they mean by special effects!  So if you want to see their work go to SokrispyMedia .

And, even though I’m chilling in LA, I didn’t forget Textile Tuesday!  And I owe you one because last week I got sidetracked with a job.  Forgive me.

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Simple Spring Decorating Ideas

By April 8, 2014 Inspire, Lifestyle

With Easter just around the corner, if we haven’t taken down our Winter home decor and accessorized for Spring, there’s no time like the present to start!  I am not going to be here for the holiday, but I still like to give our home a new inspired look for the new season.


Simple Spring Decorating


I was able to pull off a Spring update in just a few hours  using the same simple steps I use no matter what the season.  By following these tips, you won’t have to spend days decorating.  A few well placed items in key places in our homes is all we need.

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Spring Fashion Tips

By April 3, 2014 Lifestyle


Spring Wardrobe Fashion Update


It’s April, that time of year when fashion stress kicks into high gear.  What to wear?  What to wear?  Flannel, suede and leather are looking pretty drab and unexciting.  Spring is here, but there is still a nip in the air;  sleeveless attire seems still months away.  I look in my closet and draw a blank.

Fortunately, over five years ago, I met Ashley Bickerstaff, of StyleEnvy.  She walked into my shop, looking for someone to do some monogramming.  While chatting, I learned that she was a wardrobe consultant.  Well, it didn’t take me more than 5 seconds to ask her to come to my home and deconstruct my closet.

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Textile Tuesday!

By April 1, 2014 Inspire
Colorful paisley whimsey fabric in lime green

Welcome to our first ever “Textile Tuesday”!  We are so excited.  You all know my now how excited Kim gets over fabrics and textiles.  Her heart races, her hands get clammy and her eyes glaze over.  If she finds something she really loves, watch out; she comes undone. So we thought, why not share some of her favorite finds and inspirations every Tuesday? That way, you too, can get all giddy, and inspired.  Watch out, this could get interesting!

Here is her find for this week:


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Pine Cone Hill Robe Giveaway

By March 30, 2014 Giveaway

Pine Cone Hill Robe Giveaway


Congratulations to Sonia Garcia, winner of the Pine Cone Hill robe giveaway!  Thanks to all who entered.  Check back often–more promos and giveaways to come!

Hogs and kisses,



Lake House gets a Spring Update with Slipcovers

By March 30, 2014 Inspire
Soft window treatments and new slip covers give this lake house a Spring makeover

It’s funny how in this design, home decor world we are all connected.  Six people removed from Kevin Bacon, or six people away from knowing Kevin Bacon?  Well, I’m starting to think, the same holds true regardless of your business, location, etc.

About a year ago, I was contacted by a designer who I had never heard of, from Iowa, no less.  He was working with a couple building a lake home in the Cliffs Luxury Lake and Golf Community, not far from Greenville.  The interior designer, Bill Vanvliete, needed someone to make and install the window treatments for the couple’s new home.  Now, I went to school in Iowa nearly 30 years ago, but that was about it for my Iowa connection!  So I asked him, how did you get my name?  And he told me, “when I was at AmericaMart in Atlanta, someone recommended you.”  Wow, I thought, who could that be?

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Pine Cone Hill Robe Giveaway!

By March 13, 2014 Giveaway


To say we LOVE  Pine Cone Hill products is an understatement:  we wear them, we sleep in them and we definitely relax in them.  That’s why we were so excited when Annie Selke, creator,  let us giveaway one of her most popular products:  The Sheepy Fleece Robe.

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Healthy One Pot Chicken and Pasta with Vegetables

By March 12, 2014 recipes


Healthy One Pot Chicken Pasta and Vegetables

A meal that can be made in one pot; I’m all over it.

I have  a confession to make:  I’m a bit of a messy cook.  I tend to use every pot and pan in the house when I make a meal.  Sometimes I have more bowls, utensils and prep items filling the sink, than I do food on the table.  I’m definitely not a “clean up as you go” kind of cook.

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Preserve your Memories with Portrait Paintings

By March 7, 2014 Inspire

As the old saying goes, “they grow up so fast”, nothing could be a truer.  As much as those long exhausting days and sleepless nights seem as though they will never end, suddenly they are gone in the blink of an eye.

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St. Patrick’s Day Chocolate Mint Brownies

By March 5, 2014 recipes

St Paddy's Mint Brownies

Its one of the few holidays out there that is all about fun–no stress.

No presents to buy,  no elaborate dinners to prepare, unlike that holiday in the fall, that takes a week to plan and two full days to make.  What could be better than that?

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