Updated Keeping Room

By October 30, 2014 Inspire, Lifestyle



So, all of my adult life I have wanted a keeping room.  Five houses later and half a century into my life, I finally got one.  I wanted a cozy little keeping room off of my kitchen so badly, in our last home, I chucked my kitchen table from its spot in my last kitchen, and created a sort of, kind of, pseudo keeping room.  You can read about it here:  Why I Got Rid of my Kitchen Table.

Well,  good things (sometimes) come to those who wait. In our new house, we finally got a keeping room, and I couldn’t wait to make it the great little gathering spot I new it could be.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Giveaway

By October 21, 2014 Inspire, Uncategorized

Mastectomy Pillow and Pinecone Hill Robe


We are teaming up with Annie Selke of Pinecone Hill this month for a Breast Cancer Awareness giveaway!

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White Chicken Chili

By October 6, 2014 Cook, Health/Fitness, Main Dish, recipes

White Chicken Chili


Finally!  We got a break from the hot weather here in the South.  Autumn has arrived.  Chilly mornings get me in the mood for soups and stews or anything that simmers on the stove or in a slow cooker.

And I love chili!

But, we are trying so hard at our house to lighten up and eat better, I thought I would deviate from my normal beef chili and try something new.

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Repurposed Bedspread-Mastectomy Pillow

By October 3, 2014 Inspire, Musings, Ponder, Projects
repurpose bedspread main pic2

Note—-this is a repost from a last year post, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  This month, will be teaming up with a textile designer to create 2 more mastectomy pillows to be given away to someone for themselves, or to give to a loved one in need.  Be thinking about who in your life could benefit from this. Check back October 21st for details.  In the meantime, #checkyourself.


Last year:

Nothing conjures up satisfying memories and nostalgic comfort more than a soft worn piece of fabric.

Sometime during the high school years, my best friend, Jill and I, used to be, should I say, slightly mischievous. I like this word, although “pain in the ass” and “annoying” were occasional words regulated to us by worn out parents.

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My Family Room Makeover

By September 25, 2014 Lifestyle, Projects



I can’t believe we’ve lived in our home for two years.  And I really can’t believe that I started thinking about window treatments for my family room two years ago.  What’s the old saying about the cobbler’s kids being the last to get shoes?  Well, let’s just say my window treatment business has produced a lot of beautiful treatments for clients, locally and on Etsy, in the past two years, just not for me.  So as they say on The Lion King,  “it is time.”

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Quick and Easy Fall Decorating

By September 17, 2014 Inspire, Lifestyle
Quick and Easy Fall Decorating


Fall is officially only four days away, so now is the time to think about some quick and easy fall decorating.  If you wait until October, Christmas decor will be everywhere.  Sad, but true.

I know the Midwest and North recently had a cold snap, but frankly, it has been as hot as hell here in the South!  And it’s hard to get in the mood for pumpkins when you are stripping down to a tank top by mid afternoon everyday.  Now, we hesitate to complain, because we are both from the midwest and we know in the South, autumns are much longer than in the North.  About the time we are donning a light jacket, some will be shoveling snow. Ouch.

Last year, Jeanne had a girl’s soccer party at her house around this time.  Needless to say, with the food prep, house cleaning and dust ball removal in order to prepare for the event, not much thought was given to fall decor.  So, I offered to help, although the party was a mere 6 hours away.

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Ultimate Swedish Meatballs (Ikea copycat)

By September 1, 2014 Main Dish, recipes


So, you know when you get something in your brain that you want and its all you can think about until you have it?  Last week, when Kim and I took a road trip to the Ikea in Charlotte, besides a list a mile long of things we were looking for (like fiddle leaf figs, dorm room curtains, plates, etc.),  all I really wanted to make my day complete, were the famous Ikea Swedish Meatballs.

I have loved swedish meatballs since I was a kid, and my mom used to make them for my Swedish grandfather.  The rich creamy gravy is the key in my opinion.  Smothering the meatballs and buttered egg noodles with this rich savory sauce completes this comfort dish.  As our day progressed, I was licking my chops just thinking about it.

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Etsy Shop Giveaway!

By August 28, 2014 Inspire



Three days left!  Don’t forget to enter our Etsy Shop giveaway!

Ways to enter:

Follow on instagram  @recreateyour

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Winner gets a gift certificate for $50 in our Etsy Store!  Time to start thinking about decorating for the holidays….

Good Luck!


hogs and kisses,

Kim and Jeanne

Setting up your instagram in 3 easy steps

By August 26, 2014 How to (or not)

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 12.44.44 PM

Okay, we know that many of our readers are very tech savvy, but what about those of us that aren’t?  I remember when I got my first smart phone and my youngest daughter casually remarked,

“Mom, that is way too much technology for you.”

Talk about a dagger to the heart.

Seriously?  I am a college grad….I took computer science in college(albeit it was with punch cards), I brought my sorority sisters to my parents houses in 1984 to write our term papers on my dad’s new Apple 2c, so we didn’t have to use white out! There was a time in my life when I was on the cutting edge.

I decided right then and there, I was not going to let this technological society leave me behind.

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Lemon Parmesan Crusted Chicken

By August 15, 2014 Lifestyle, Main Dish, recipes


I made this Lemon Parmesan Crusted Chicken for dinner last night because in just a few short days  our oldest daughter, Emily, will be leaving us to start her second year of pharmacy school.  Basically, this means that her diet will soon consist of cereal, assorted frozen foods, and most likely fast food; did I already mention cereal? Read More