One Room Challenge – Bedroom turned Office – Week #4

By April 28, 2017 Projects


Is it really week #4 of the One Room Challenge?  All we can say is those talented, ambitious participants who are knocking out walls and taking names:  more power to you!  We are struggling just deciding on layout and window treatments!  But, we are newbies.  So we are going to cut ourselves some slack.  Sometimes we just say, “this is our practice round”.

So here is where we are at:  we made a few furniture choices.  We went with the World Market white desk.  Here’s a little progress shot.  At least now with a desk and a make-shift desk, we can still get some work done!  Also started organizing samples and supplies in the closet.  Why is it during this middle weeks you feel like your working so hard, but it just feels like a big fat mess?



We also picked out a couch/futon.  This was important as we did kick Kim’s daughter Hannah out of her bedroom and she will probably be coming back to visit in a few weeks.  Got this close out at World Market also.  And putting it together was so simple even we could do it.  We were able to get a great deal on a closeout, but its similar to this.

So, next week we have a lot to accomplish.  We are changing out the drapery panels.  Because we already have plantation shutters, it won’t be necessary to have functioning panels, so we can get by with less fabric.  We are often asked how do you determine how many widths (54 in) do you need for drapery panels.  The biggest question is do you want the functioning(to close) or not? On our youtube channel we try to simplify for easy measuring Here is quick guideline to figure for both.

We are are thinking some type of banded drapery panels which include “navy” along with looking for  emerald green chairs.

We are thinking because of the size of the room, if we are going to get two chairs in it, they are going to have to be not huge and we love swivel.  Saw this at Joss and Main and would love to find it in an Emerald Green!

So next week we are headed over to our favorite furniture store in Greenville, Carolina Furniture and Interiors, to see if Linda can help us out.

Only two weeks left?  Yikes!

In the meantime, you all should check out the One Room Challenge Designers and the One Room Challenge Guest Participants. Lots of talent headed your way.


Have a great weekend!


Kim and Jeanne





One Room Challenge – Week #3 – Bedroom turned Office

By April 25, 2017 Projects


Well, we didn’t quite make the link up for the One Room Challenge last week.  We swear we are not slackers!  Kim spent Spring Break with her daughter in California, visiting her son in LA;  galavanting around and doing fun things like this:



  Culver City Stairs

……and she lived to tell about it!



So while, I held down the fort for our Etsy Shop.  So not a lot of actual  One Room Challenge “work” got done.

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One Room Challenge – Bedroom turned Office Week #2

By April 13, 2017 Projects



Wow!  A week can sure go by quickly when you are doing the One Room Challenge ~ yikes!  So this past week was spent a lot on inspiration as we tried to figure out exactly the design and functionality of this space.

Our functional needs:

  • comfortable work space ~ looking for couple of swivel chairs that are comfortable, yet stylish.
  • Some sort of futon so Kim’s daughter still has a place to sleep when she comes home!
  • Place for samples, supplies, envelopes, stamps, etc that are easily assessable.
  • at least one working desk

This could be difficult as its not an overly large space.

And we definitely want to get rid of the ceiling fan and replace with a light.  Right now, we kind of like this bohemian type light from World Market:



Also, we like this desk from World Market.  Its not too big like some desks can be, but still has a decent amount of work space:



And we spotted this small couch/futon that can be converted to a bed.  What we like about this is that it is a futon that doesn’t look like you are reliving your college days!

These are kind of nice:




We were hoping for something maybe even a little lighter, almost creamy.  So we will keep looking.  But these are a great size and would fit nicely in the space.  And as you can see from our mood board, we are dying to get some green in this room!  Maybe chairs?

In the meantime, time to get bed out of here so we can have some room to move!



Hopefully we will get some of our choices narrowed down by next week!



Kim and Jeanne






One Room Challenge – Bedroom turned Home Office

By April 2, 2017 Projects



So, after many seasons of saying we are going to do the One Room Challenge, but in evidently remaining on the sidelines, it is time.  Although we can get a little ambitious sometimes, we decided for our first project, no knocking out walls, installing flooring, or heavy construction; just converting a bedroom to a home office, so our office no longer resides on Kim’s kitchen table.

The timing was perfect as Kim’s daughter had taken a teaching job and needed her bedroom furniture for her condo. Now, this isn’t the first time we have tried to create an office.  The first was Kim’s bonus room.  Then, in July, we realized that the one air-conditioning unit in their house, couldn’t quite cool off two “mature” women in their prime during the brutal Carolina summers.

So it was time to move downstairs.


Above, is the bonus room that got a little too warm in the summer.  Below, is Hannah’s bedroom, which will soon be a home office!  Lots of natural light and cool – and best yet, since we are newbies at this, no major construction!  We even love the paint, Benjamin Moore “sea salt” so we decided to keep it.



So, we definitely want to keep the light and airy feel of this space, but make it more functional.  Its not an incredibly large room, so we will probably have to only have one desk.  But, since a lot of our work is done on laptops, good comfortable chairs are a must.

And since we are in the drapery business, thinking about updating those

So, next week will be spent narrowing down ideas and getting down to business.  Can’t wait to get started!

Can’t wait to see all of the other ORC guest participant progress!


hogs and kisses,

Kim and Jeanne

Installing Low Profile Roman Shades for Doors

By March 15, 2017 Shades Panels and Pillows

Today, we are veering of course from the usual Window Treatments 101. Instead we will discuss another common application for our window treatments.  Specifically, making and installing low profile roman shades for doors.

Over the years, we have made a lot of window treatments.  This might be why Kim, during her “making window treatments on a pingpong table in her garage phase” used to have a memo pad that said “I do windows, etc.


Based on this drawing, it looks like she was doing window treatments in the early 1900’s.  One our most popular window treatments, as seen in our etsy shop, is the roman shade.  This style complements windows perfectly, providing instant style, color and privacy. Well, today”  we are moving on from windows to discuss  the “etc”. That would be doors.

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3 Easy Ways to Add Color to your Home

By September 8, 2016 Inspire
Design Sponge Brooklyn Remodel

A few days ago, we were talking about this inspiration board Kim made after she returned from market in July.  If we had to say one theme or idea caught our eye this time it was one thing:   COLOR!  We were  excited with new possibilities, then quickly came up with 3 easy ways to add color to our homes.  Unfortunately, things didn’t quite progress as planned.

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Easy Ways to Update Interiors with Ikea Sheepskins

By January 22, 2016 Inspire

Ikea Sheepskins


It’s Mid- January.  Christmas bills have arrived. You’re broke. It’s cold.  House looks stale as holiday decor is back in the attic……..ugh.  It’s the time of year everyone wonders if they have that sun deprivation syndrome, and starts to get serious about refilling their prozac prescription. You know what I’m talking about. Cheer up!  I am going to show you a quick and inexpensive way to update your interiors:  #Ikeasheepskins

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Happy New Year!

By January 13, 2016 Inspire

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 3.34.34 PM

Happy New Year!

Wow, can it really be a new year?!  Filled with wonder and promise and pressing questions such as, “will any of my resolutions last past the end of the month?”  Who am I kidding?  My new motto is,

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Fresh Peach Salsa

By September 15, 2015 recipes

Ultimate Peach Salsa


With the final few days of summer coming to a close, I felt the need to scour the grocery store for any fresh fruit hanging on the to season.  Rather than a sweet treat, I was looking for something with a little sweetness, a little spiciness and a lot of zip.

Always a fan of traditional salsa, adding fruit gives it more depth, and just the right amount of sweetness, while adding a couple of jalapeños definitely gives it the spice it needs.

Grilled fish, beef or pork tenderloin become transformed with some tangy peach salsa spooned over the top.

Add some black beans and the salsa can be a meal in itself.

It’s even great the traditional way, scooped up with chips, which is exactly how my daughter ate it.


 Peach Salsa
4-6 plum tomatoes, diced
1 bell pepper, seeded and finely diced
2 jalapenos, seeded and finely diced
1 medium red onion, finely diced
6-8 peaches, diced
1/2 bunch cilantro, chopped
2 Tbsp lime juice
1 1/2 tsp salt, or to taste
1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper or to taste


Fresh Peach Salsa

Weight Loss Journey – Week 6

By August 26, 2015 Health/Fitness, Lifestyle

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.19.40 PM



Okay, its been a little over 4 weeks since I first decided to share my weight loss journey for the whole world to see.  Well, actually, just our readers. This would include my mom, a few of her friends and some great Etsy customers. Customers who are probably trying decide whether they want an inside or outside mount for their roman shades, who are wondering why they have stumbled onto this blog post about losing weight and my big arm.

Well, this actually is supposed to be a lifestyle blog, so its time to deal with life and its challenges.

Although, I will be honest, in case you’ve been wondering how it’s been going and why I haven’t done weekly postings on this, there is actually a very logical and reasonable reason……FEAR OF FAILURE!

Usually, I have quit by now, so there would be nothing left to say.

Or it would go something like this:

Week 1  –  Gung ho. Go to meeting! Get inspired! Buy lots of fruits and vegetables. Many go bad.

Week 2 – Down 2-3 pounds. Even more inspired! Feeling like I can do anything.  Buy fewer fruits and vegetables.  Eat most of them but still hungry.  Eat a few extras snacks and forget to measure my Vodka while putting it in my fresca.

Week 3 – Up a half.  Wondering why I am even doing this.  There are plenty of happy overweight people.  Its about my quality of life, not the quantity of my weight.  Join friends for Bang Bang Shrimp at  Bonefish, not realizing that it is 23 points, basically what Im allowed in one day, and that did not include the Cosmo. (Okay, okay two Cosmos:0 )

Week 4 – Traffic was too bad a 5pm. Miss the meeting

Week 5 – Down 1. Feel down because 3.5 lbs in 5 weeks, just isn’t cutting it. Maybe Paleo is the way to go.  Head to the store for meat and berries and whatever hell else the caveman ate.

Well, you get the picture.


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.22.52 PM


So I just couldn’t bring myself to record that weekly.

I took it easier this time.  Didn’t try to do all or nothing.  Started slow…..maybe a little too slow.

But I travelled 3 different times since I started 5 weeks ago.

During that time I spent a few days at the beach, went to Atlanta’s AmericasMart, and went to Colorado for a wedding. And traveling is usually a sure-fire, “knife in the proverbial diet coffin.”

But, it actually wasn’t.  This time I made trade offs.  I wanted cake at my cousin’s wedding, so I saved up some points during the day so I could.

So here is a quick recap of how its gone so far.

Week 1 – down 3.5 pounds

Week 2 – up .6

Week 3 – down 3.6

Week 4 – down 1.2

Week 5 -down .6

Week 6 – down 2

**Update— I actually didn’t post this at Week 6.  Summer has gotten away from me, and now in in hot and sunny Los Angeles, taking my freshman son, Sam, to college.

The good news is its now week 10, and will all of my travels this summer, I haven’t GAINED WEIGHT BACK!  Next week when I get home, its time to get serious.  We will be empty nesters, so meal planning should be easier:)

And our window treatment business on Etsy is picking up for the fall.  Hopefully, that means more time thinking about fabrics, and less time about food.  Ahh…..if only it worked that way:)

Stay tuned.


hogs and kisses,